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"What’ll it be?" Tori asked as she stepped up to her newest table. IHOP was nearly dead until they had walked in.


New Orleans. She had finally found her way there. Tori was excited to play tourist, to sample all the town had to offer. Especially the food. The chef hoped she could find a job in the city, settle. Not forever, of course, but for a while. She had foodie pilgrimages to make. 

She stepped from the hotel she had just checked in to and looked around. Pretty wrought iron balconies overhung the street with trailing flowers. It was paradise. Especially when the scent from a nearby restaurant caught her. 

Tori followed the scent and paused outside for only a moment then rushed into the dimly lit place that smelled like heaven. She sat at the bar and glanced at the person closest to her. “So what’s the best thing on the menu?”

Anyone wanna plot? A starter? Cupcakes?



"So I made too many cupcakes. Want one?"

"So I made too many cupcakes. Want one?"

Horror Movie Night


"Eh, you go out during the right time down the right road and you’ll run into traffic even in a small town."  Not that he would really know.  He doesn’t drive if he can help it. 

"Fair enough," he said with a laugh.  "Unemployed currently.  Was in the army for almost four years, but got discharged.  Might try and pick something simple up while I try and to school.  How about you?"

"Well, that’s true even on backwoods roads. Like here." She waved a hand vaguely out of town. "I mean, tractor jams and all that. They can be such a pain."

She laughed. “You don’t say unemployed. Looking for work since being discharged from the Army. Just like I don’t say I am a waitress at IHOP.” Tori grinned a bit. “I say I am in the service industry, working on securing capital to start my own catering business.”

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Horror Movie Night


Camden laughs and nods.  ”Noted.  I think I’ve heard that from some people.  Would definitely rather not be scarred for life.”  He had enough to deal with in the “scarred for life” category.  He sure as hell didn’t want to add something paranormal to the list.  

He laughed again, enjoying her humor.  ”Yeah, you’re a bit on the thin side.  Definitely not someone I’d use in any of my recipes,” he joked.  Camden walked in the direction of his apartment, hands in pockets.  ”I thought so, too.  Sky is nice and clear, and perks of small towns is there’s not a lot of lights to block out a bunch of stars.”

Tori wrinkled her nose a bit at the memory of the movie. “Not by a movie, anyway.” She shrugged and walked with him, jingling her key ring in her hand. “Oh no, Hannibal the Cannibal. Glad I’m too skinny.” 

"Best part of small town life, really. That and no traffic." She smiled and looked up. "Time for the awkward getting to know you portion of the evening? I’ll go first. What kind of work are you in?"

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"Nah that’s how you get caught" he joked leaning the the table and watching her, wondering now just what this girl knew, if she knew anything. "Clean body clean mind right? Or did I pick up that one wrong" he shook his head now pulling himself back, never one to stand still. "Well thank you honey" he said parting his lips slowly to finish off his glass, as a vampire alcohol didn’t affect him as quickly as it would a human. 

"No snow? That’s hardly a reason to like a snow… How about the culture, food, company" he added with a wink. "Who wouldn’t take me up is the better question?" Laughing he watched as another drink was set in front of him, "Although I could say the same for you."

She smirked a bit and shook her head. “You’re a sneaky thing, I bet. All smooth and smiling, no one ever sees it coming when you’re the schemer. Gotta admit, that’s interesting.” Tori ran her finger around the edge of her glass. “Who would have a clean mind when you bat your lashes at them? No one. Nope.” Her gaze went to his mouth as he finished off his drink. “Or smile.” The drink before her went down the hatch fast as she realized she was most likely being very inappropriate.

"I love that too, but I’m not a fan of snow, so New Orleans has a leg up on the others. I’ll start out sampling American cuisine then I’m hopping a plane to hit the foodie hot spots around the world." That was it, that was her plan. "You got me. I’d show up on your doorstep and beg for a tour from a local."

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